Sooner Bail A-OK

Oklahoma City, OK – I attended the Oklahoma Bondsman Association annual meeting of the Board of Directors June 3.  The meeting was held at OBA headquarters in Oklahoma City, just down the street from the State’s Capitol building.   The meeting had respectable attendance. Most Oklahoma bondsmen obtain their association updates at continuing education classes held several times a year.

The OBA is sound financially, generating revenue from membership dues.  Oklahoma’s only statewide bonding association is also very effective on the legislative front.  They supported the passing of SB 9 which would have removed the ten bond limit on counties outside a bondsman’s home county.  This bill was ultimately vetoed by the governor who cited litigation pending on this issue.  The ten bond limit is an ongoing point of contention between surety underwriters and professional bondsmen.  OBA pledged to continue its legislative efforts to rid the state of the ten bond limit.

Bail enforcement legislation was passed this session.  While SB 1013 was not an OBA effort, they did have input on the bill’s language.  This bill was signed into law May 31, 2013 and goes into effect September 1, 2013.  SB 1013 establishes licensing and regulation for bail enforcement agents under section 1350 of Title 59 of the Oklahoma Statutes.  OBA representatives took steps to ensure bail agents would still have the authority to conduct fugitive recoveries.

The OBA Board of Directors approved a $5000 donation to help those adversely impacted by the recent onslaught of historic tornadoes to hit the state.

Finally, there may be a change in leadership during the OBA’s officer and board member elections taking place this month.  OBA’s president Dudley Goolsby, Jr. will be looking to retain his leadership position.  OBA is a well run organization with the challenge of representing the interest of both corporate surety backed bail agents and professional bondsmen.  No easy task.