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Staff Directory

Name Position Email
William B. Carmichael* President & CEO
Paul J. Longstreth, CPA CFO, Secretary & Treasurer
Michael J. Whitlock, MCBA* Executive Vice President
Daniel R. Amato* Vice President
Erin Smith Assistant Secretary
Kathleen M. Bennett Administrative Manager
Jessica Beckner Receptionist
Claims Department
Brian Cain, MBA* Claims Manager
Sherri Bartek Claims Specialist
Rebecca Long Claims Specialist
Kim Webb Claims Specialist
Data Processing Department (Power Replacements and Bond Discharge Processing)
Kim Smith, CPA Accounting & Compliance Manager
Melissa Adams Data Processing/Accounting Specialist
Melissa Combs Data Processing Specialist
Carolyn Dance BUF Administrator
Earon Jamison Data Processing Specialist
Cheryl Kroh Data Processing Specialist
Tasha McCauley Data Processing Specialist
Susan Galan Data Processing Specialist
Information Technology Department
Tommy Kanger Director of Information Technology
Licensing and Collateral (Agent Appointments, Contracts and Bond Collateral)
Heidi Jeffs Licensing Manager
Underwriting Department (Auditing, Large Bond Approvals and Transfer Bonds)
Gary W. Logue, CBA* Asst. Vice President
Nick Pantella Underwriter
* Licensed Bail Agent