Hug Your Mom Today

My memory takes me all the way back to our house in Memphis circa 1972 when Dad had the multi-line phone stationed on the coffee table so he could listen in on bond calls taken by the office staff.  My Mom would take it in stride every time Dad would accept a call during dinner or the holidays and when he would leave the house to run a bond down to the jail.

Mom would occasionally work at the various bonding company’s dad had owned.  She also worked at Texas Fire & Casualty and Underwriters Surety, Inc. through the years.  She handled agent licensing and prepared contracts.  Mom would find herself closing Dad’s door often because he had a tendency to cuss a lot in those days.


In addition to being a mother to seven kids and managing a house Mom was married to a bondsman for 52 years which made her a defacto bondsman. That’s just how it works when your spouse is on duty 24 hours a day.


Mom would often comment on my blog posts, heaping undeserving praise upon me.  That’s what moms do, they’re always propping you up. 


We lost Mom last week after a battle with lung cancer.  No, she didn’t smoke, but she still got lung cancer.  I’m going to miss my Mother very much.  Here’s to you Mom, you were the best Mom a son could have bar none.