A New Year Brings Renewed Faith in Bail

Happy New Year!

Wow!  It’s 2014.  Let’s not think about how long we’ve been working in this business and the fact bail agents never seem to retire.  Dan Gibbs of Knoxville, Tennessee recently told me he will breathe his last breath sitting at his desk at City Bonding Company writing a bond.  Dan loves to write bail and work with his clients.

It’s fair to say a retail bail agent lives the equivalent of three years to just one of your typical professional. This is because bail agents are usually on duty at some point during the first shift, second shift and the graveyard shift while they’re on vacation, taking their kids to school and when their attending Sunday services.  It’s the all consuming nature of this business.

Bail agents make this major commitment not only because it’s their livelihood but because it’s their life.  You have clients who depend on you as do their family and friends who are unfamiliar with the criminal justice system and require the guidance of an experienced professional to walk them through the process.

All bail agents should take pride in the work they are doing within and for their communities.  It’s neither feasible nor legal to confine criminal defendants until trial.  A bail agent makes sure their clients get to court and everything begins with the defendant’s appearance in court.

Be proud of what you do and the services you provide.  Make an effort this year to get to know your judges and legislatures.  Seek out opportunities to speak about the bail profession and the positive fiscal impact the private bail system has for your state compared to the financially draining impact public bail options have on taxpayers.

On behalf of American Surety Company I want wish you all the best both personally and professionally in 2014.