Timing is Everything

It was February 2006 when reality TV personalities Duane and Beth Chapman were welcomed into the arms of PBUS.  A decade later with endorsements from the Georgia Association of Professional Bondsmen, Oklahoma State Senator Ralph Shortey and 50 percent, plus six of PBUS voting members, Beth Chapman was elected President. PBUS has just entered a new era.

While PBUS was holding elections this week the attorneys for Equal Justice Under Law were filing an amended complaint in Buffin v. San Francisco, U.S. Representative Ted Lieu (D-CA) was filing H.R. 4611 the No More Money Bail Act of 2016 and ABC’s Policy Director Jeff Clayton was testifying in opposition to a Utah bill that, should it pass, would severely limit the amount of commercial bail written in The Beehive State.

This year will be a year to remember in the fight to preserve the use of commercial bail.  It’s reminiscent of the epic battle between David and Goliath. The American Bail Coalition and its limited membership is going up against various State Supreme Court Justices/activists, millions of dollars from special interests and state and federal legislators more interested in easing accountability for criminal offenders than working in the best interest of law abiding citizens, victims of crime and public safety.

ABC has a great team with tremendous experience, knowledge and commitment and an ever-growing agent membership program.  However, it is still a partial team.  To complete Team ABC we need more players.  For instance, we need the legislative prowess of a Dave Hyatt, the legal mind of a Mandy Krasney and the extensive bail experience of a Cheryl Burns to enhance the ABC squad.  ABC would also benefit from the surety and bail expertise of industry veterans like Armando Roche and Mark Heffernan.

There is too much talent among this group of people along with their incredible company resources to not be fully participating in the defense of commercial bail.  Team ABC is fighting multiple fronts encountering a new battle every week.  Team ABC needs these fine individuals and their surety companies to join Team ABC in the the fight.  There is nothing that cannot be accomplished when the collective talent of the bail profession work together.

PBUS has its purpose, education and networking. ABC is on a mission and has the battle scars to prove it.  Time is everything and the time for the best talent in the bail industry to join Team ABC is now.