Texas Bondsmen Show Up in Droves


   For once, it would be nice to attend a meeting where we do not have to address recurring problems with abuse by pretrial release, attorneys writing bonds and credit card kiosks.  Alas, that was not to be the case at the year end membership meeting of the Professional Bondsmen of Texas held at the Menger Hotel in San Antonio.
   PBT, as always, is ever vigilante in its overview of the commercial bail bond industry in Texas.  There will always be one threat or another to public safety by those who would try to eliminate the 100% guarantee that bail bond insurance provides to ensure a defendant appears in court to answer to the crime for which they have been charged.
   In addition to PBT’s association with charitable causes, it also works to improve the professionalism and level of education of the bondsmen in the Lone Star State.  I believe this is why their quarterly meetings are so well attended and supported by membership.
   At this meeting, PBT President John McCluskey was reelected to his post and will serve another term.  As is customary, at the year end meeting, awards were presented to individuals who went above and beyond in their support of the association during the previous year.  Scott Walstad of Dallas was awarded the Professional Bondsman of the Year, for his hard work and leadership as Legislative Committee Chair in the successful effort to derail percentage bond legislation.  Also receiving awards were Representative Allen Fletcher who received the Legislative Friend of PBT award and Nancy Reese who received the Friend of PBT award.
   Two board members were elected, Ken Good and Alicia Davis. Bill Pastor was appointed to complete the term of Roger Moore, who resigned his post.
   The Texas legislature is out of session in 2010, so PBT will be working hard to develop a legislative agenda for 2011.  Congratulations to PBT for fighting the good fight in 2009!

Next Up
The Georgia Association of Professional Bondsmen will hold their year end meeting in Savannah November 17-19.  Hope to see you there.