Ride-Along with LEO

Benton County SheriffIt’s been an unusually hot summer in the Pacific Northwest.  Seattle saw a streak of 90 degree days recently not experienced since the summer of 1981.  I experienced this first hand while in Washington State last week visiting American Surety agents in Vancouver, Olympia, Port Orchard and Kennewick.  On top of the heat was the lack of rain and resulting in water rationing due to the extreme drought conditions and the smoke in the area from the forest fires.

While in Kennewick I was invited on a ride-along by Sgt. Erik Magnuson of the Benton County Sheriff’s Office.  I immediately jumped at the offer.  Bail agents and law enforcement complement each other, they arrest them and we make sure the get to court.  I really wanted to experience the world of law enforcement, if only for a few hours.

While out on patrol we stopped a few speeders and one arrest was made on a lady with an outstanding warrant.  All in all it was a light day on the crime side but a memorable experience for me.

Our country’s 900,000 or so law enforcement officers have a dangerous job.  They have be on guard every time they interact with a motorist or a potential law breaker.  In the current climate they have to be on guard with anyone in their vicinity.   I appreciate the work they do protecting life and property.  It takes a special individual to put on a gun and badge and place their life at risk on a daily basis.  Law enforcement should not be taken for granted.

I caught a flight out of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport that Friday morning as the rain began to fall bringing some welcome relief to the upper northwest.

Bail Agents Helping Some Good Kids

We’re just a few short weeks away from the 26th Annual Steven G. Whitlock Memorial Golf Tournament held in Allen, Texas.  With the help of a lot of local folks and a large number of bail agents and surety companies this event raises money to fund the cost of sending eighty or so kids to Camp Esperanza, a summer camp for kids battling cancer.

Our partnership with The Professional Bondsmen of Texas has been an absolute success.  Since joining forces we haves seen a significant increase in participation and fundraising.  One thing is for certain, the kids and volunteers of Camp Esperanza have experienced the compassion and selfless generosity of bail agents all over Texas and throughout the country.  It’s not too late to participate as a player or a sponsor for this September 28th event.  Visit www.sgwmemorial.com for more information. Everyone is welcome.