Oh the Irony

Did you hear about the Pennsylvania bail agent arrested for using forged powers of attorney to post several million in bonds? He’s currently sitting in the county prison with bail set at $250,000. Ironically, this guy was arrested for obtaining the release of criminal offenders using forged bonds and the court’s response is to set a phony bail amount of $250,000 of which they will require the defendant to post only 10% cash to obtain release from custody pending trial. So, unlike the forged bonds the bail agent had been posting that had zero value, the court will release him on a 10% bond which is 90% bogus.

For the past year or so some Minnesota judges have been complaining about bail agents permitting clients to make payments on premium, thus circumventing their authority. Regardless, of the surety appearance bond being fully secured they didn’t like defendants getting out on payment plans or so they said. They’re response, begin offering 90% discounts on bail to defendants requiring only 10% cash be posted with the court. I guess it’s okay if the perceived circumvention is self-inflicted. Or, did they just want the cash all along?

California continues its assault on public safety. In the wake of Prop. 109, which involved the early release of thousands of convicted felons, Prop. 47 is now on the mid-term ballot. Prop. 47 will reduce a number of felony charges to misdemeanors. The motivation of this initiative appears to be to reduce the number of arrests and felony convictions. The consequences of Prop. 47 would be an increase in crime due zero threat of punishment for criminal offenders. In likeminded thinking there is backing for “cite and release” legislation in Texas. Again, an initiative that would remove the inconvenience of accountability from lawbreakers. The losers will be law abiding citizens.

It’s almost as if the deciders in chief have totally abandonany sense of civil order and public safety. It’s all about making it less offensive to be an offender provided the county and state generate some revenue in the process. Now that offends me.