Let’s get to the Point

 I read in the paper earlier this week the average attention span of Americans is currently eight seconds, so let me keep this brief.

Attended the ISBAA Spring Meeting in Indianapolis this past week.  Turnout was excellent.  Program was informative.  Deposit bail is still a problem.  Most Hoosier judges and prosecutors continue to value cash deposit over appearance, justice, victims’ rights and public safety.  Profit without performance. In the words of John Mellancamp, “there is no new news there”. 

Indiana legislators decided to ignore the elephant in the room this past session.  The sale continues; 90 percent discounts for nearly all defendants seeking bail.  So much for the notion Republicans opposing government competing with private business and holding criminal offenders accountable for their actions.

I taught an hour of continuing education.  Most people stayed alert long enough to see our new video on Indiana Bail Agents.  You can click here to view the video.  You can also visit ASC’s Facebook Page to check out pictures from the ISBAA meeting.


Pictured below, Nick Pantella and Brian Cain with ASC President & CEO Bill Carmichael