Georgia Bondsmen Meet in Savannah

The bail bondsmen of Georgia surely know on which side their bread is buttered. As one person put it, in Georgia, “bondsmen serve at the pleasure of their sheriff”.   Considering this, it should come as no surprise GAPB holds it’s Annual Conference in the same city and hotel as does the Georgia Sheriff’s Association. 
Dsc 0124AGAPB rolls out the red carpet hosting a special evening of dinner and dancing exclusively for Georgia sheriffs.  The big event was held at the Warehouse on River Street in downtown Savannah. The evening was sponsored, in part, by American Surety Company. ASC also contributed a Big Green Egg Smoker; Sherriff Thomas Brown of DeKalb County held the winning ticket.
Meeting Notes
Attorney Matt Tucker was retained as GAPB’s legal counsel while Beverly Iseghohi, the Association’s lobbyist, had her contract renewed. Beverly played a key role earlier this year in the passing of HB 889, the bail restrictions legislation. HB 889 provides that offenders charged with select felony offenses must post a bail bond unless expressly overruled by an elected judge.
HB 889 was a topic of conversation during the meeting. Some agents were concerned about those judges who were not happy about being held directly accountable for releasing a defendant without bond who would otherwise be required to post a bond under HB 889. Others were less sympathetic arguing that bail bondsmen and the general public watched for years as judges released defendants charged with aggravated offenses without bond and without accountability. Bail bondsmen are financially accountable for every bond they write.
The GAPB membership voted to contribute $1,000 to family of Chief Deputy Kevin Roberts of the Greene County Sheriff’s Office, killed in the line of duty.
Jared Skelton was re-elected President while Kelly Winkles was elected to replace Terry Genone as the association’s Vice President.  Area directors remained the same.
The GAPB Spring meeting will return to the King and Prince Resort on St. Simons Island, date to be announced.
That’s it for now. Have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving.