Four of Eleven

Every now and again I’ll go on a travel splurge where it seems I’m on a plane more than I am on the ground.  I’m currently in the midst of a six day travel schedule where I’ll have a flight each of the six day of travel for a total of eleven flights.  It’s no track record for me but its close.

This stretch of travel began last Thursday with a trip to Weatherford, Texas where I attended a meeting of the Parker County Bail Bond Board.   American Surety Company was on the agenda for a new license.  Our license was approved.  Congratulations to our new agent Melissa Thompson, it’s a big deal in Texas when you obtain your obtain your first license from a bail bond board.

Before the meeting I had lunch at the Weatherford Downtown Café, situated across from the Parker County Courthouse, with Melissa and expert bail attorney Randy Adler.  Visiting local restaurants is just one of the perks of the job.

Yesterday morning while awaiting my departure from DFW I read another strawman article about how bail caused the death of women who had committed suicide while in custody.  The article states the defendant had been in custody for three days held in lieu of $5000 bail and was working with a bondsman to make bail.  The issue of bail had nothing to do with this person’s suicide, in my opinion.  The bail amount was not significant and the family was working with a bondsman to post bail.  There were clearly other issues go on in this person’s life.

Today, Saturday I travel to an undisclosed location for an overnight state.  Its business related!

Monday I’m off to Gulfport, Mississippi to attend the MSBAA 2015 Summer General Meeting.  I’ll sit in on the general meeting on Tuesday morning before catching a flight to Atlanta where I’ll join Georgia bondmen at the GAPB Working Summer Conference 2015 held at the Chateau Elan Winery & Resort. 

Travel is part of the job.  By the end of this week I’ll have flown 80 times so far in 2015 and there is still five months left in the year.  Have to say goodbye now, my next flight leaves in three hours.

Corrections – In my article E-Filing Bail Bonds dated July 20, 2015, I incorrectly said Collin County will begin requiring E-Filing of bail bonds later this year.  Collin County is slated to move to E-Filing but bail bonds are not included at this time.  I also incorrectly stated Lee County was the only county in Texas currently processing bail bonds through E-Filing.  Smith County, Tyler, Texas is the only county presently processing bail bonds through E-Filing.  I apologize for the errors.