Daily Issues Small by Comparison

This has truly been the week from hell.  Agent issues, fugitive issues and logistical issues.  Throw in an overnight trip to South Carolina with back to back 6:00 a.m. departures for extra measure.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in our own problems and mini-crises and forget what is really important; the well being of friends and family.

Dale Neese is a longtime friend of mine out of Cumming, Georgia.  Dale also happens to write bail for American Surety Company.  This morning I received an update on his webpage at CaringBridge.org on the status of his battle with cancer that began with melanoma more than seven years ago.  The update told of yet another surgery Dale will undergo next week.  He has persevered through several surgeries and various and continuing chemotherapy.  He has endured much.

Dale has had tremendous support from family and friends but none more than his wife Sherri and his business partner Janice Grimes.  They make regular trips from their homes in Cumming, Georgia to Houston, Texas where Dale is receiving treatment at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.   Receiving regular treatment Dale and Sherri found it necessary to rent an apartment in the Houston area to avoid staying at hotels.

Dale was a regular participant in our annual charity golf tournament in Dallas supporting Camp Esperanza until his health declined to a point he could no longer golf.  He regularly donates to the Steven G. Whitlock Memorial Golf Tournament even though he and Sherri continue to pay huge medical bills related to his treatment.

It is remarkable to witness the devotion and commitment Sherri and Janice have shown Dale in support of his treatment for cancer.  The staff at their bail bond agency has stepped up to manage a large share of the business responsibilities, everyone working together to help a friend, father and business partner in need.

My daily battles are trivial compared to the unwelcome fight Dale is enduring.  Dale, I’m thinking about you and praying you have a successful surgery next week.  If I had a tenth of your strength and determination I would be a better man for it.