Community Points

Like any other small business, bail bond company owners must pay taxes, hire staff, require the services of rental space, telephones, marketing companies, yellow pages and web companies. You can also find many bond companies participating in community events.


A few weeks ago I was invited by Gene and Amy Points of Muskogee, Oklahoma to join them as their company, Advantage Bail Bonds, took part in an annual chili cook off event.  I brought along my youngest daughter Samantha, who has not yet reached that age where she’s embarrassed to hang out with Dad. We spent two beautiful days in Muskogee attending the cook off and enjoyed some great food and lively company.  We even took part in what must be the world’s longest small town parade riding on the Advantage Bail Bonds float.


Gene and Amy are great people who epitomize your typical bail agent; hardworking, goal oriented and proud of their city. Purchasing a large booth at the annual chili cook off is just one way they give back to their community.  The manner in which they take care of their many customers is further evidence of the respect they have for their fellow Muskogeeians.


Gene and Amy appreciate the predicament their clients and families find themselves in after an arrest.  It can be a very difficult and confusing experience especially for first time offenders.  The compassion, patience and tolerance Gene, Amy and their staff exhibit is all part of running a healthy, conscientious and profitable business.


American Surety Company could not be more proud to be partners with these two fine individuals.  We are fortunate to have similar representation throughout the country.  In many ways business partners from all over the United States form our own little community and this neighbor is very appreciative of that reality.


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