CBAA 2009 Annual Convention – Why You Sould Attend

   There may not have been a time in the last thirty years where there has been so much focus on what the government has done and continues to do to impact the lives of everyday citizens and business owners.  Between health care and stimulus bills they have captured our complete attention and in some cases, our ire.
   The commercial bail industry has been impacted by this economy as much or more than any other profession.  Even though crime is up, people don’t have the money for bail and more and more offenders are either being released OR or site released.

   Assemblyman Curt Hagman, of the 60th District and license bail agent, has been working very hard to make a post conviction bond a condition of any legislative remedy to reduce prison crowding.  Assemblymen Hagman has also met with several sheriffs to discuss reducing ORs and site releases in addition to speaking to judges about reducing the bond scheduled to make it possible for offenders to post bond.
   A recent development in California is the introduction of credit card vendors processing cash bonds at the jails.  While this is new to the West Coast, these vendors have been operating in the Midwest for many years.  The concern about credit card vendors is they are operating as a bail agent, charge a fee for posting a cash bond without a bail license and advertising in the jail, violating solicitation laws.
   The California Bail Bond Agents Association is holding it’s 30th Annual Convention in South Lake Tahoe October 11-13.  The convention will once again be held at the Harrah’s Casino Resort.  There have never been more reasons to attend this annual convention.  Remember, prison overcrowding, site releases, OR, large bond schedules and credit card vendors continue to have adverse impact on your bottom line.  No less concern is the harm these problems pose to the personal safety of the citizens of California.  Visit for more information about this year’s convention.  I hope to see you there.

 California Post Conviction Bond Effort

   Californians are acutely aware of the woes that lay in the path to recovery.  With a huge budget shortfall, massive prison overcrowding and county sheriffs’ leasing bed space to generate revenue.  These problems, which require solutions, have a direct impact on public safety and commercial bail.
   Jail crowding will result in the early release of prisoners from state prison over the next next several months.  A number of Sheriffs have increased OR and site releases in order to make room in their jails, which they then turn around and lease to the FEDS to house federal inmates and illegals aliens awaiting deportation..
   An effort has been underway to introduce a post conviction bond as a condition of early release from prison.  A post conviction bond would help reduce the recidivism rate and create an entirely new market for commercial bail.

A Piece of Fiction



Remembering Rich Martin

Rich Martin

Richard Martin owner of Otay Mesa Bail Bonds in Santee died unexpectedly this past July.  Richard had been a licensed bail agent since 1992.  He was affiliated with Calvin Minard as an agent before signing on with American Surety Company directly in 2005.  Richard was well thought of in the bonding community and by the many patrons of his local tavern.  Richard was known for writing quality bail and being a true professional.


Please Support Assemblyman Hagman 

Assemblyman Hagman represents the 60th District.  He is also a voice for commercial bail agents throughout the State of California.  There is only a brief window of time commercial bail will have Curt Hagman in Sacramento speaking intelligently about how commercial bail intersects with public safety.  He deserves the support of all bail agents writing in California.


Curt is willing to speak with your local judges and sheriffs on issues of bail, bond schedules, site releases and ORs.  Contact his office directly at 909.627.7021 and speak with Curt’s Senior Assistant Victoria Stewart.  Curt will be a guest speaker at the CBAA Annual Convention in South Lake Tahoe.


Curt has made quick inroads during his short time in Sacramento.


  • Republican Floor Leader
  • Committee Membership
  • Public Safety – Vice Chair
  • Aging and Long Term Care
  • Joint Legislative Audit
  • Accountability and Administrative Review
  • Select Committee on Ports
  • Select Committee on Aerospace
  • Joint Committee on Fisheries and Aquaculture


The National Association of Pretrial Services (NAPSA) recently released a document they call The Truth About Commercial Bail Bonding in America.  This document is rife with inaccuracies, half truths and demonstrates a gross misunderstanding of the critical role the commercial bail industry plays in the criminal justice system, impacting public safety and reducing costs to tax payers.

NAPSA Document