Bondsmen Meet in San Antonio

San Antonio, Texas – This is the last 4th quarter meeting for Professional Bondsmen of Texas, at least for the foreseeable future.  Beginning next year this venerable Texas bondsmen association will move to just two meetings a year.   Meetings are expected to be held in the Spring and Fall.

Scott Walstad of Dallas is the head of this association and has done a fine job guiding the PBT board through fiscal reform.  Reducing the number of meetings from four to two is one such example of cost control.

Most associations receive financial support through membership dues and continuing education.  It’s in the best interest of Texas bondsmen to obtain their required CE hours through a PBT sponsored class, as their tuition goes towards efforts to protect and preserve their profession.

The PBT Legislative Committee, currently chaired by Wynn "Doc" Dillard, has demonstrated time and again its effectiveness in keeping vigil on the Statehouse and efforts to erode commercial bail in Texas.  A lobbying team is one such expense PBT membership dues serve to underwrite.

If you were unable to attend the year-end meeting last week in San Antonio you missed a great event.  This annual meeting included a golf outing, auction, continuing education and a visit from The Mayberry Deputy, a Don Knott’s look alike who stayed in character the entire meeting and performed for a hilarious 30 minutes.

Texas bondsmen do themselves a favor being a member and supporting their state bail association.  Tell them I sent you.