Bail Bonds: Hello Wisconsin!

Then there were three.  Wisconsin is one of four states that currently does not permit money bail.  This may change as early as today.  The Wisconsin legislature approved the budget yesterday and shipped it off to Governor Walker for his signature.  The budget includes the reinstatement of commercial bail in Wisconsin which has been outlawed in this state since 1979.


The American Bail Coalition, of which American Surety Company is a proud member, has been behind the effort to bring commercial bail back to Wisconsin.  While ABC has been working the last three years to bring bail bonds back to Oregon, the process in Wisconsin has been significantly different.  With the Republicans winning control of both the House and Senate after the 2010 Mid-Term Elections, the state has been in a private sector fervor ever since.  ABC simply introduced the idea commercial bail bonds is a private sector solution to increasing the appearance rate of criminal defendants which has suffered profoundly in the last thirty years under a public release program.


Should Governor Walker sign the budget as submitted, commercial bail will be back in Wisconsin as a release option for criminal defendants.  Well done Wisconsin Legislature and well done ABC!