ASC-USI Launches New Website

Indianapolis, Indiana – Through the years American Surety Company and Underwriters Surety, Inc. (ASC-USI) has been vigilant in our efforts to keep not only our retail partners informed, but the bail industry at large. 


Our efforts began more than a decade ago when we launched the first version of in 1998.  Through the years has been a proven resource to the commercial bail industry.  Our site has continued to provide the information and resource material to fight pretrial release, deposit bail and excessive OR releases, legislative updates, bail related case summaries and commentary on issues impacting bail agents.

It’s been more than ten years since we first took the bail industry by storm with our 26 page full color magazine that provided fair and balanced coverage of state and national association conferences, bail related case summaries, digital photos, legislative updates, conference schedules and editorials.  While there have been others who have copied our efforts, none have been able to duplicate the personal approach we take in keeping the bail industry informed.

In 2004 we began transitioning from a printed magazine to disseminating information electronically.  As the first company in the industry to do this, we were able to notify thousands of bail agents of news and alerts in a fraction of the time it took previously.  Once again ASC-USI was revolutionary in its efforts to keep bail agents informed.

During the development of our new site our goal was to improve upon existing features while adding functionality.   Where our old site simply provided a list of bail related case law, our new site allows you to search our database using key search words.  You can also search our article archives by topic.  We have created state specific pages that provide forms, legislation and case law for a particular state all on one page.  Set your preferred state in your preferences when you login. 

With our new site we’ve added video agent testimonials and video FAQ’s for new agent inquiries.  You will now have the opportunity to make your comments known in response to Where in the World is Mike Whitlock articles.  Post your thoughts when you agree or disagree with my positions.

ASC-USI is motivated by the desire to preserve and protect the commercial bail industry. We sleep well knowing we are doing our part to arm bail agents with knowledge and insight on how to preserve and protect the centuries old profession of commercial bail bonds. 

Please visit our new site and create a login and password which will provide full access to all has to offer.   There are no fees or conditions to subscription.  We would love to hear your initial impressions and any suggestion you may have for continued improvement of