Pennsylvania Bail Bonds

American Surety Company is authorized to execute Pennsylvania bail bonds. ASC-USI has limited coverage in Pennsylvania, with only one posting agent to cover an area of ten counties in the western part of the state.


Filed Rates  (Premium must be charged in accordance with ASC-USI filed rates for this state.)

Premium Rate:  Not less than 5% and not greater than 15%

Minimum Premium:  $50

Federal Rate:  15%



Local Information

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Case Law

  • Commonwealth v. Culver

    In Commonwealth v. Culver, 2011 PA Super 143 (July 8, 2011) the defendant was released on bail in two separate cases when he committed a new, more se...

  • Commonwealth v. Gaines

     In Commonwealth v. Gaines, 2013 WL 3832460 (Pa.Super. July 25, 2013) numerous defendants from Philadelphia failed to appear and default judgmen...

  • Commonwealth v. Liberty Bail Bonds

    An issues of licensure and whether or not a local office is required.

  • Commonwealth v. Morales

    Commonwealth v. Morales, Case No. 953 MDA 2012 (Pa.Sup. March 21, 2013) held that it was error to deny the surety’s petition to set aside or re...

  • People v. Eaton

     In re Forfeiture of Bail Bond (People v. Eaton), 2012 WL 4039665 (Mich.App. September 13, 2012) held that the trial court’s failure to co...

  • People v. Gaston

     In re Forfeiture of Bail Bond (People v. Gaston), 2012 WL 4039663 (Mich.App. September 13, 2012) held that the trial court’s failure to c...

  • People v. Jones

     In re Forfeiture of Bail Bond (People v. Jones), 2012 WL 4039664 (Mich.App. September 13, 2012) vacated the trial court’s judgment forfei...


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