New Hampshire Bail Bonds

American Surety Company is authorized to execute New Hampshire bail bonds. ASC-USI is admitted to New Hampshire though we current have no appointed agents.


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Case Law

  • Fischerv. Superintendent, Strafford County House of Corrections

     In Fischer v. Superintendent, Strafford County House of Corrections, 2012 WL 1370828 (N.H. April 20, 2012) the trial court set bail at $50,000 ...

  • State v. Laniefsky

     In State v. Laniefsky, Case No. 218-20120-cr-813 (N.H.Sup.Ct., Rockingham January 7, 2013) the defendant objected to the amount of his bail, wh...

  • State v.McGurk

     In State v. McGurk, 2012 WL 1649752 (N.H. May 11, 2012) the defendant failed to appear because he was incarcerated in Vermont.  The Court ...


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