Posted 1/7/2012

(Indianapolis, IN) BARS Network is pleased to announce an agreement reached with Captira Analytical, LLC (“Captira”) to provide services to all BARS customers. Under the agreement, Captira will become the upgrade path for all BARS accounts.
Customers operating under a current BARS contract will have the opportunity to upgrade to the Captira platform for the remainder of their BARS one-year contract term. All data will be converted to Captira at no cost to BARS customers. Customers will continue to pay under the terms of their existing BARS contract for the remainder of its one-year term. At the end of the customer’s current BARS contract term, they are invited to enter into an agreement directly with Captira to continue service.  
BARS has been listening to feedback from our customers regarding requests for upgrades and enhancements and we believe that Captira provides the best product in the industry. Many of the enhancement requests we receive relate to functionality that already exists on the Captira platform. We are excited about the opportunity this agreement creates for our loyal BARS customer base.
We are also happy to announce that long-time BARS customer service representative, Carl Roland, will coordinate the transition of accounts and continue in a customer service role with Captira. We believe having Carl’s experience with our program will provide great value for BARS agents as they make the transition.
Contact Carl at or (518)694-8363 to schedule your conversion and training today!