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Bail Related Case Summaries

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Case Summaries

Various Case Summaries

People v. The North River Insurance Co.

In People v. The North River Insurance Co., 2011 WL 5223601 (Cal.App. November 3, 2011) the bail agent filed a timely motion to vacate the forfeiture...

Brown v. State

In Brown v. State, Nos. 03-10-518,519,520,521,522and 523-CV (Tex.App. – Austin August 11, 2011) the surety sought to surrender the defendant an...

McGregor v. Snyder

In McGregor v. Snyder, 2011 WL 2279725 (10th Cir. June 10, 2011) a pro se plaintiff appealed dismissal of her action against a bounty hunter, the bai...